Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ten metres is open

I'm trying out WSPR 2.0 and decided to set it up on 10m. With my attic dipole I immediately copied ZS6BIM running 20W. I have now upped my power to 20W to see if I can get spotted myself.

Without WSPR who would have thought 10m was supporting propagation?


GW0KIG said...

Hi Julian,

You are doing well on 10 metres. I am running WSPR on ten at the moment but am not seeing anything. I did get a report from France yesterday on 10 but thats it. I spotted you several times on 80m WSPR last night by the way. I haven't tried version 2 of WSPR yet but will give it a go soon.



Unknown said...

Yes, conditions seem to have faded out now. It would seem the best time to catch something on 10m is earlier in the morning.

Anonymous said...

That's a great result ! I intend to try WSPR .Mind you I'm qrp only (5w) so I enjoy all the digital modes.If you ever fancy a few tests give me a shout