Thursday, November 05, 2009

WSPRing all night on 40

Wednesday evening was a 40m WSPR activity night. There were more stations active on 40m than there were on 30m - a rare event - so I decided to join the fun and see where 2W to my MFJ magnetic loop might get me.

The screengrab shows the results. My own signals were not received outside of Europe. But I managed a few DX spots. LA3JJ in the Canary Is (WSPR doesn't support prefixes in the call) was detected on and off throughout the night. Alan VK6BN in Western Australia running 20W was spotted twice just after 2130. At 2252 I logged Joe, K1JT, the inventor of this amazing mode, running 5W. Jorge KI4SGU in Georgia, running 20W, just scraped in with one spot on the threshold of detection at 0308, as did Mel VE2DC a few minutes later running 5W.

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