Sunday, November 15, 2009


The OK/OM DX CW Contest has just finished. I made three contacts on 80m last night in half an hour between TV programmes, and a further 55 on 20m and 40m after breakfast this morning for a total of 2494 claimed points.

I have a particular affinity for this contest for no other reason than the Czech Republic is one of my favourite countries. As always for me with contests this was a "just for fun" entry working down each band and trying to contact each OK or OM station I found. I'm not going to win any awards but I won't be quite as close to the bottom of my category as last time.

KComm performed well, keying the K3 using the serial command protocol - the only logging program that is specifically designed to do this. It's not a dedicated contest logger but it is fine for this kind of operation. It warned me before I could make a duplicate contact, its generic statistics capability gave me the counts of contacts and multipliers so I could easily calculate my claimed score and it allowed me to export my log in the requested Cabrillo format.

Well that's enough radio for one weekend. After posting this I'm going to stay out of the shack for a bit.

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