Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spotting CW contacts to PSK Reporter

I now have PSK31 automatic spotting to PSK Reporter working very nicely in KComm. Here's a screen grab to whet your appetite.

Since KComm also supports an interface with CW Skimmer I added an option to spot CW stations decoded by that program.

I'm not sure whether the operator of the PSK Reporter site, Philip Gladstone, wants CW stations spotted to his site or not, so I tried to send him an email. However, despite removing the "nospam" from the address given at the foot of the site, the email bounced. So I don't know how to contact him.

Note that this feature will only be available in the next version of KComm, which will be released when I am happy with it and don't have any more new things to add to it. I should also point out that KComm only works with Elecraft K2 and K3 transceivers - that's why it's called K-Comm!


Jorge Luis said...

Well Played! - I for one would like to see more reverse beacons for CW. Thanks for another neat invocation. 73 ki4SGU

Jorge Luis said...

Oops - invocation = innovation - auto-spell checkers can be a such a bear.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Julian, I use Fldigi now (thanks for the hint) and I am very pleased with the software. It decodes CW as well and it sends spots to PSK-reporter. I do have CW Skimmer for a year (80 euro's!), but Fldigi decode CW much better than CW Skimmer. 73 Paul PC4T

Unknown said...

MRP40 decodes CW even better than Fldigi. If Fldigi would implement a CW Browser similar to its PSK Browser then there would be no need for CW Skimmer.

But I won't be buying Skimmer when the trial runs out for the same reason I didn't buy Faros. I think these propagation investigation tools should be free in the spirit of the hobby. Look how few spotters there are in the CW Skimmer Reverse Beacon Network compared to WSPRnet or PSK Reporter.

If Peter G3PLX had charged for his original PSK31 software we'd probably all still be using RTTY.

Philip Gladstone said...

The trick to contacting me is *not* to remove the nospam from the domain name.

Philip (n1dq)