Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two months on and what a difference

Just over two months ago I posted a review of the Elecraft K3 18 months on. I was fairly critical of the way some things worked, such as the memories or the fact that audio equalization was not disabled in data mode, and of the fact that some promised features such as synchronous AM detection were still unimplemented. Yesterday Elecraft released to production a firmware update that addresses all of those issues - and adds a lot more besides. I'm happy to say that my K3 now works the way I always hoped it would.

My review here and another similar one I posted on eHam provoked a lot of reaction. I received many messages of agreement, but also a lot of hate mail from people suggesting that since my criticisms were mostly about using modes like FM, AM and digital, perhaps I shouldn't have bought a K3 in the first place. However, Elecraft clearly took my comments to heart and sprung into action. Within two weeks - yes, two weeks - I was testing beta versions of firmware that addressed both the memory access and digital audio equalization issues, and synchronous AM was implemented a week or two later. Try that with your Kenwood, Icom or Yaesu.

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Jorge Luis said...

Thanks Julian, You make HAM radio better.