Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wot, no Leonids?

After seeing numerous pings and even managing to complete one 6m JT6M meteor scatter contact during the Perseid meteor shower last August I was hopeful of more success during this month's Leonids. However, despite monitoring 50.230MHz for several hours I have so far seen nothing much.

The screen dump shows what is on my WSJT screen at the time of writing. At 11:37 the G4DDY JO02BEX looks like a snippet of something. However, G4DDY is not known to be active on meteor scatter. A quick peek at ON4KST Chat shows that G4DEZ has been busy on JT6M MS, and his QTH locator is JO03AE. This corresponds closely to what I copied, with a few characters being the 'one down' from what G4DEZ would have been sending. (This makes sense because JT6M is a simple FSK system using close-spaced tones, each tone frequency corresponding to a different character.)

The GW3MEW at 12:20 also looks like a valid callsign, but again not someone who operates 6m MS. However there is a post from GW3LEW on ON4KST Chat, so that is presumably who I was hearing.

There is not much traffic on the chat system at all, which suggests to me that there is not much activity. There may be enough meteors for high powered stations like G4DEZ to make contacts but not enough for me to even bother attempting.

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