Monday, November 02, 2009

Black Widow paddle for the HB-1A

A few weeks ago I emailed Jerry, W5JH, who makes the Baby Black Widow paddle kits for the Elecraft KX1 and QRP Kits PFR3 to ask whether he had considered making one for the very similar HB-1A. He asked for some measurements which I duly sent and he produced a prototype which attaches to the steel case of the radio using magnets.

The cost will be $42.50 plus shipping. However, Jerry needs at least 10 HB-1A owners to commit to purchase. He posted some information about the key in the HB-1A users Yahoo group but there is no evidence so far of any interest from members (though it's possible some emailed him directly.)

I think that a paddle that attaches to the HB-1A would be a great accessory for use in the field and it would be a shame for this product idea to be stillborn for lack of interest.


Richard G3CWI said...


Paddles with open contacts are often problematic in outdoor situations. Depending on the internal key rain and fog often cause sufficient conduction to trigger strings of dots and dashes.

Perhaps the finished item will have the contacts enclosed?



Unknown said...

Interesting point, Richard. I would presume not, as the KX1 and PFR3 versions do not appear to have enclosed contacts. Personally I prefer fine weather for portable operation, so in my case the operator would have given up before this became a problem. :) (The HB-1A is not waterproof either.)

Unknown said...

I am a HB-1A user and woud be interested by a black widow paddle too. So this is number two as far as I know

best regards

Unknown said...

Tony. You need to contact Jerry and let him know. Last I heard, he had not had anywhere near enough interest.