Thursday, November 12, 2009

As mentioned in RadCom!

The December issue of the RSGB monthly magazine RadCom arrived today. Turning quickly to the QRP column written by George Dobbs G3RJV as I normally do, I saw that the topic this time was "Where to find the best QRP blogs on the internet." A quick scan down the page revealed that this blog was one of those listed! George writes: "This blog is an inspiration to all those radio amateurs who say they cannot operate on the HF bands because of limited space."

Other UK bloggers who get a mention in George's column include Dominic, M1KTA and Roger, G3XBM. Also recommended to RadCom readers are Bill N2CQR's SolderSmoke blog and his Gadgeteer page, plus the cryptic but interesting LY3LP Laboratory.

As someone who can put together a kit as long as it comes with all the right parts and no mistakes in the instructions, I am honoured to be mentioned on the same page as such accomplished constructors by none other than the guru of QRP. I hope that RadCom readers who find their way here as a result of George's recommendation will find something of interest. If you do, then you'll probably also enjoy the blogs listed in the Blogroll on the left. Those should keep you busy for a bit!

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Steve GW7AAV said...

Fame at last! Praise indeed from one of the great inspirations and contributers to amateur radio.

Best Regards Steve GW7AAV