Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social networking

I noticed today that this blog has now got 150 followers not including those who read it on I'm amazed and humbled that so many people find what I write worth reading, especially as I am not all that active at the moment. While I wasn't looking, my other blog One Foot in the Grave passed 50 followers as well. Thanks to all of you for your interest.

These numbers are not as great as the number of followers some of my blogging colleagues have got on Twitter. I've resisted joining Twitter, in part because I couldn't see the point, but also because I don't need yet another way for people to try stealing my identity. I seem to remember a couple of years back writing something on the lines of "if I start Twittering, send the men in white coats round."

A few months ago I signed up to Google+ which is nowhere near as popular, but only because I use so many Google services already that one more won't make a difference plus it uses the same login. But perhaps I should take the plunge and join Twitter.

If you're a Twitter user, in what ways do you find it useful?


VE9KK said...

Good morning Julian, I do use twitter to some extent but not as most do. I find that with twitter it's more short and sweet posts. I do post a link to my posts there but as to getting on and just yakking I have not really taken advantage of it that way. I used to have in my tool bar a neat tool that would like my post to twitter with the click of a mouse...not sure were that tool has gone seemed to had vanished.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Julian, I'm not a twitter fan as well. Still don't see myself anounce all kind of personal related things. The only thing I announce is a new post on my blog, actually I automated it. I rarely look at twitter at all. Sometimes I get an e-mail that someone is following me. It seems to be I've got 149 followers till now and follow 119 (actuallu don't but do they now or do they care?) to get some traffic. See 73, Bas

Anonymous said...

Julian, I'm really interested in why you're considering Twitter. You mention having 150 followers of your blog - would Twitter's purpose be to garner more readers? If so, why is that important to you?

My reason for asking is not sarcastic...please don't misunderstand! I'm not a Twitter user myself but I am interested in what drives people to avail themselves to yet another avenue for nonsensical spam. I think it has a lot to do with their propensity to do what's expected of them: joining the crowd, so to speak.

Your posts are always well thought out and sensible...which is exactly why I'd like to know your motivations for considering Twitter.


John AE5X

K0RUS said...

Just FYI, your RSS feed has 214 subscribers on Google Reader, via which I read it.

hg said...

Another very satisfied reader using Google Reader here :) 73 PU3HAG

hg said...

Another very satisfied reader using Google Reader here :) 73 PU3HAG

Tim said...

It would be great to see you on Twitter, Julian.

There's a great community of amateurs on Twitter. Sometimes it's an IM, sometimes a reading list, other times a news channel or (god forbid) a DX cluster. That's the great thing - you choose your terms of engagement.

In truth, it is easier to try than to explain! If you do give it a go, follow plenty of people - it makes more sense that way.

I've also gravitated toward having a 'real me' account as well as an amateur radio account. I used to combine them, but got too many puzzled comments from non amateurs to my radio tweets that it got frustrating!

I've made some genuine, real world friends through Twitter, who I'd never have met otherwise.

73, Tim


Unknown said...

@AE5X John, my reason for posting the question is the same as yours for asking me: to find out why other sensible readers have chosen to use Twitter (or not to use it) and what they get from it.

Tim's comment is positive, but I don't want to jump in and find it's more of a nuisance than it's worth.

MrJoshua said...

I use Twitter for many different things...

Sharing photos posted to Flickr or Instagram with my friends or people that might be interested in the content (I make them searchable by attaching so called hash-tags (#) )

Interating with friends and people that share similar interests.


Following news agencies for breaking news.

Following companies - seeing their product launches first, interacting with them to get support, provide feedback or to complain.

Following notable people of interest to see what they're up to.


I find I use it far more than Facebook (or Google+, which I very rarely use).

Try it... You might like it!!