Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Social networking

I noticed today that this blog has now got 150 followers not including those who read it on I'm amazed and humbled that so many people find what I write worth reading, especially as I am not all that active at the moment. While I wasn't looking, my other blog One Foot in the Grave passed 50 followers as well. Thanks to all of you for your interest.

These numbers are not as great as the number of followers some of my blogging colleagues have got on Twitter. I've resisted joining Twitter, in part because I couldn't see the point, but also because I don't need yet another way for people to try stealing my identity. I seem to remember a couple of years back writing something on the lines of "if I start Twittering, send the men in white coats round."

A few months ago I signed up to Google+ which is nowhere near as popular, but only because I use so many Google services already that one more won't make a difference plus it uses the same login. But perhaps I should take the plunge and join Twitter.

If you're a Twitter user, in what ways do you find it useful?
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