Monday, October 22, 2012

Site changes

I've just spent half a day when I could have been working 10m DX updating the website and blog templates. The main difference is that I have made all the text about 10% larger, which should help those - including myself - who find small print increasingly hard to read.

I have also made the main content section wider so it makes better use of the screen. Most people have bigger monitors than when I first started G4ILO's Shack, from which the blog inherited its template. I dare say there will be a few using older, smaller screens who will find this change annoying. Sorry.

I have taken advantage of this change to include larger pictures and screenshots. Another benefit - though some may question that - is that I can use a wider ad format, which Google has been pestering me to do recently. I'm sure that some of my readers would have liked me to get rid of the ads altogether. However, they make far too much money to simply forgo it - not enough to live on but certainly enough to pay for my hobby and G4ILO's Shack's web hosting.

I wouldn't advise anyone on the basis of this to start publishing Google ads on their own ham radio sites or blogs - not unless you have G4ILO's Shack's level of visitor traffic. The ClustrMaps widget at the bottom of the left hand column will give you an idea how much that is, if you're interested.

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