Sunday, October 07, 2012

QRP Web Ring

For more years than I care to remember my website G4ILO's Shack has been a member of the QRP Web Ring. Web rings are a tool dating from long before search engines came on the scene and were set up to help web surfers locate sites of similar interest.

In order to be a member of the QRP Web Ring I include some links to other web ring sites on my home page, plus a banner.

Clicking some of the web ring links from G4ILO's Shack and other linked sites today I found that many of the links were broken and most of the rest were pages of extremely poor quality. So I am considering removing the QRP Web Ring code from my site.

Whether you still use the QRP Web Ring to find other QRP-related sites, or if you have never used it and have no intention of using it now that you know about it, I would appreciate your comments.


Dave said...

I've just had a quick look because I've never used it before. It's a typical 'curate's egg', occasional interesting stuff but much never updated.

I probably wouldn't use it these days with the quality of direct Internet searching.

Dave (M6DFA)

Jeff Davis, KE9V said...

Lists of links, blogrolls, and web rings are an old hangover from the wild west days of the world wide web when it was nearly impossible to find things online.

Google has fixed all that, and Internet search is now so good and so fast that there's almost no need for even browser bookmarks

I can find anything I want in less time using search than I can find a bookmark among a long list of other bookmarks.

73, Jeff KE9V

Justin Pinnix said...

I always thought webrings were kinda goofy. The idea that you can somehow cycle through all of the sites on a particular topic just doesn't work - especially now. There's just too many of them! Search engines are the better choice.

72 de AJ4MJ

Lee said...

I agree with Jeff - I do have a links page, but I'm not really sure why, but Google is where I usually go when I'm looking for something. I think blogrolls are a little different, in that I can show the world what I'm following that way. But I never use bookmarks to speak of, and Google is better for ferreting out info that I wouldn't be able to find from a links page or blogroll, or especially a webring.

73 de Lee, AA4GA ;-)

Unknown said...

Lee, I agree with you about blogrolls. If someone has taken the trouble to add a link to a blog then that usually means that person feels that the blog is worth reading. I think many good blogs would fail to be found as most don't rank very highly with Google.

Mark said...

I remember webrings. I attempted to follow from your (high quality, subscribed) blog round a few, and found dead sites, and aged stuff.

I wouldn't worry about it. Yours is easy to find and worth reading, so it ends up in the RSS reader. The rest doesn't. The technology moves on and webrings aren't important.

Mark, M0DEV