Sunday, October 14, 2012

10m WSPR spots 14 Oct 2012

10m WSPR spots @ G4ILO 14 October 2012
Not very good propagation today. Several two-way spots with EA8FF and even more with UA6AAK, otherwise only 'local' stations.

This will be the last one of these I shall be posting for a while as I want to do some antenna comparisons on different bands.

BTW someone asked if the colours of the lines showing the signal paths mean anything. I have no idea. Do they?


John, EI7GL said...

Colour of the lines......just do an 'Update' on the WSPR site and you'll see that the colours constantly I presume they don't mean anything. Obviously the thicker the line then the more reports of/from the station in question.

VE9KK said...

The posting of 10m have been very interesting Julian. This band is like the magic 6m band. When it is open you can do some amazing things wit little power. Looking forward to the antenna comparisons you are going to do.