Saturday, November 17, 2012

10m 17 November 2012

10m WSPR spots @ G4ILO 17 November 2012
Another day of good propagation. I don't know why OH1CO was using the suffix /QRP (aren't most WSPRers using 5w or less?) but it really upset the WSPR encoding algorithm. His call was being decoded at my end as OH1/P00XEK!


Dick said...

Great 10M digi results for many days. Congrats.

May I ask what time of day most were achieved. Going to try and tune a second Buddistick on 28.060 QRP CW and see what happens.

Unknown said...

Hi Richard. An animated map would show this best. I think most of the spots are in the afternoon. The morning is mainly EU + Russia, Asia and Australia if conditions are good. After midday the US stations start to appear, starting with the east coast and gradually more appear westwards abd southwards. Having said that I have just spotted PY2SDR and it's only 10:00.