Thursday, November 08, 2012

10m 8 Nov 2012

10m WSPR spots @ G4ILO 7 November 2012
 Another fairly quiet day on 10m. I took time out from WSPR during the early afternoon to do some PSK31 operating. There was some good DX about. First I worked Ian 3B8IK in Mauritius. I heard 5H3NP in Tanzania, but he didn't appear to be CQing. I found a clear spot and called CQ myself hoping to be heard by the African station but every time a station from the Eastern USA called me! It was better than when the band was wide open as there was less QRM making it easier to hear stations.

I like working stateside because ops seem more willing to have a proper QSO instead of just exchanging reports and details. I don't think that says anything about the relative friendliness of Americans and Europeans, it's just down to the fact that Yanks and us both speak the same language whereas for the European stations that are all I can usually work English is not their native language.

PSK Reporter map showing stations heard/worked by G4ILO on 8 November 2012


Unknown said...

Hi Julian,

First offgreat to see the site back up and must of fed those hamster's a few more nuts :)

Also just wondering what time you started doing your psk31 as all I seem to hear are Poland, Russia, Romania etc and very rarely have I seen or brothers in the states...perhaps its theband i'm using or perhaps i'm not looking in the right place...any tips?

73 Glenn de M6ODC

Unknown said...

Hi Glenn.

I have been using 10m exclusively for the last few weeks. The Stateside stations start to appear in the early afternoon. Unfortunately it looks as though the recent spell of good conditions on 10m is over.

If HF band conditoins are a bit of a mystery to you (they were to me for many years) I suggest you have a play woth VOAProp. It will enable you to see how conditions change from hour to hour and with the seasons.

Julian, G4ILO