Sunday, November 04, 2012

Go To blazes

Is it just me or do you also get irritated when you see or hear someone abusing the term "go to"? As in "The Buddipole is my go to portable antenna" or "G4ILO's Shack is my go to website for interesting articles about ham radio". Okay, I made the last one up.

What are they trying to say? That the Buddipole is their preferred antenna or mine is their favourite website? If so, why don't they just use the perfectly good words that have existed for years to say so?

Who started this? I think I first saw it in a computer magazine about a year ago. Journalists are responsible for spreading many linguistic abominations. I should know. I was one.

I assume that this is an Americanism which has recently crossed the Atlantic but I have no evidence to back that up.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Julian, you have linguistic abominations in every language. Languages chance with time. It's not always an improvement. 73, Bas

Roger G3XBM said...

Frustrating like innit man.

Unfortunately we all seem to fall into the trap. "On the weekend" and "absolutely" are two that annoy me.

Lynn (D) said...

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi Julian, we as foreigners have a problem too, we have influences of UK English and American English, probably we make a mix of it. I agree with Bas, language changes all the time. My English will always be very basic. I am afraid I will annoy a lot of people with my English. Anyway, I make the best of it. 73 Paul

Unknown said...

I agree with Julian but other comments regarding the dynamic nature of the English language are valid. However I get irritated by the 'marketing' types twisting the language and the adoption by the hooray types of forign words (the original use of which which one feels they rarely understand), angst and Schadenfreude are typical adoptions !!