Monday, November 19, 2012

10m 19 November 2012

Another day of good propagation allowed my love affair with 10m to continue.

2012/11/1912:3428.121BPSK31NP4EG599599EdgarN. Puerto Rico
2012/11/1914:2528.122BPSK31YY4HAH599599HeirounValencia Vene...
2012/11/1914:3528.122BPSK31N4PJL559599PeteDeep Creek La...
2012/11/1914:4128.122BPSK31AB8O599599JohnMilford, OH n...
2012/11/1914:5928.122BPSK31KJ4LEC599599MarionCumberland Ga...
2012/11/1915:0828.122BPSK31W5FER599599JimSan Antonio, TX
2012/11/1915:1728.122BPSK31VE3NOO599599MichaelSandhurst, On...
2012/11/1915:2328.122BPSK31AE5XI599599TerryLas Cruces, NM
2012/11/1915:4428.122BPSK31K9ZJ579579RichWaukesha, WI
Besides these contacts I heard, but couldn't catch, stations in Mexico and Paraguay. I'm hoping the good propagation will continue so that I can add these to the log.

Because of this, not too much time was spent on WSPR today, so the WSPR map looked like this:

10m WSPR spots @ G4ILO 19 November 2012

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Roger G3XBM said...

It has always been my favorite band Julian. Even in the quiet years it will be fun. Even more so now we have WSPR.