Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10m 13 November 2012

10m WSPR spots @ G4ILO 13 November 2012
Some pretty good propagation on 10m today, though not exceptional. During the morning it was interesting to note several spots of G and GW stations. I was received by fellow blogger Tim G4VXE. I didn't hear him though.

I took time out to make a few digital contacts. I worked two Russians on 12m (using the 10m dipole) then a few more plus a couple of Americans on 10m. Best contact was NP3IR Hector in Puerto Rico, who has just this minute spotted me on WSPR too!

2012/11/1314:4528.122BPSK31W4ECZ559579Waynenr Tampa
2012/11/1314:5128.122BPSK31UY7QL599599OlegPologni nr Zo...
2012/11/1315:0528.122BPSK31KC4FNE599599BobBlacksburg, V...

That's cool! I can mark and copy lines from my contact log, then paste them into Blogger and they come out formatted. Never knew you could do that.

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