Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time to call it a day has just come back online after another lengthy server outage. Scanning the forums I came across this lengthy personal attack on me by 2W0UZO over postings I made about the ROS digital mode several months ago in this blog.

I thought about how to respond but I decided I could not be bothered to dignify his diatribe with a reply. However it has given me cause to reflect on why I bother writing this blog when it seems that no matter how hard I try to explain the reasons why I hold a particular opinion the usual response from the other side is that I am "against innovation", "against new licensees" or whatever stereotypical old-fart criticism they wish to label me with.

Jeff KE9V has decided to pack in ham radio blogging. I think I'll follow his example. Just think how much more time I'll have to actually do things with the radio.


MrJoshua said...

I really enjoy reading your blog (it's nice to know other people have rotten luck with mail orders!) and like your writing style.

Please don't give up because of one person's rant.


Josh - M0JMO

VE9KK said...

Julian there are many in history whom we have heard about and now read about in our history books who if they had of listened to their opposition we would never had been blessed with their wisdom.

Unknown said...

To put the posting in perspective, this was written when the author of ROS decided to discontinue his development of ROS due to the negative attitude of certain vocal hams. This made me particularly angry, because learning, experimentation and creating things are important to me personally. Negative attitudes that contribute to the destruction of worthwhile projects are something that we can all do without.

There is no need to discontinue your blog over this. My aim was to expose uncritical thinking which was propagating false information about ROS.

Your assumption that I'm wet behind the ears due to Intermediate level is quite off the mark.

The purpose of posting here is to not continue a huge argument, hopefully we can discuss things without a flamewar.

Unknown said...

The thread to those who are interested is

Dan 2W0UZO

goody said...

The author of ROS put radio amateurs who merely discussed technical issues with ROS on his software ban list. Whether it was due to a language barrier or something else, he went way too far in banning the people he did; several of these people did not initially have a negative attitude towards the ROS mode and were merely discussing technical issues. The issue with calling it spread spectrum and how this was handled with the US FCC was a fiasco and was left in an unclear and ambiguous state, as far as I'm aware (the ROS FAQ dances around the question). Ironically, some of the people who were banned actually agreed that the ROS mode wasn't spread spectrum and was therefore legal in the US.

Anytime a software author creates an amateur radio data mode or protocol and wants to prohibit certain people from using it, that's wrong. To make matters worse, the protocol and software is proprietary.

Until the author officially makes a statement that no one is banned from using the software, no one will be ever banned in the future, and the protocol will be fully publicly documented to a level which would allow other implementations to be created, I would discourage others from using it as it's incompatible with the nature and spirit of amateur radio.

NormfromAZ said...

I wouldn't worry about him. I was always taught, "If you can't say anything Nice, don't say anything."

Larry W2LJ said...


I've been called much worse in private e-mails as the result of some of my postings. They were all made by me, with no malice a forethought. Amazing how we can push people's "buttons" without meaning to. No one can take criticism or disagreement with their ideas without becoming hostile, anymore. 'Tis a pity.

Don't let it stop you. Many people, myself included, enjoy your writing.

Besides, I would badly miss the photos of the wainwrights! :)

73 de Larry W2LJ

Unknown said...

I very much hope you reconsider quitting, I'm a new ham and have been enjoying your blog. I haven't found very many that I'd consider entertaining and useful, yours is one that I do.

Alex Hill said...

Don't call it a day Julian. Your blog educates lots of people and informs others and entertains a few more (Like the pre celebrity BBC). Just because a few like to knock things you say doesn't mean that the majority of us don't get use out of your half baked ramblings ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the messages of support. As for Daniel, if I was off the mark in assuming you were wet behind the ears then I'm willing to retract that statement, and have done so. However your assertion that my opposition to ROS is due to antipathy towards any new modes at all is equally wide of the mark. As for your justification for re-raising this old (to me) topic, everyone is entitled to express their opinion on a subject - that's what blogs and forums are for - and if the developer of something decides to throw his toys out of the pram because a handful of people criticize what he is doing then that is hardly our fault.

Just to illustrate that I am not opposed to experimentation with new modes I would like to point out that a new mode called CMSK was released recently and I have made no criticisms of it at all. In fact I even downloaded a copy and would have tried it out had the software not insisted on using the system default sound card.

CMSK is being experimented with, quietly, by people who are causing no trouble or QRM to anyone else. Personally I think that might be due to the fact that the developer is an experienced amateur who understands the issues involved with introducing new amateur digital modes. If Mr Ros had been an amateur, shown a willingness to work with and learn from other experienced digital mode experimenters, and had been prepared to listen to criticism instead of taking it as a personal affront, I suspect that much of the acrimony that his invention has caused might have been avoided.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

It would be a loss for the Ham radio community if you stop your blog. But you're right about the time issue, you got a lot of time for the radio left if you don't write and read blogs. 73, Bas

Unknown said...

It is ironic that you consider ending your blog over my comments and perhaps you may consider these feelings a parallel of what the ROS developer may have felt in face of significant pressure from the ham community. I accept too, that it is also ironic that my comments cause you to wish to end your blog, as really this type of behaviour is what I want to avoid. It is easy for anyone to take things a step too far when emotions run high - and of course I include myself in this.

Hopefully now we can get on with our day without worrying about hype on the internet ;)

I will continue to read your blog with interest.


Steve Silverman said...

As much as this blog does take some time away from operating, you are providing insightful and fresh viewpoints on many very relevant ham radio topics that interest me and, I hope, many others. My daily routine starts with a look at your latest comments. I may not agree with everything you write, but most importantly, it allows me to gain a new perspective that I otherwise would miss. I respectfully ask that you keep your blog active. 73 Steve Silverman KB3SII
PS I barely survived my withdrawal during your vacation!

Theodore said...

Julian, don't even listen to the sheep who are being tended by the cult of ROS.
I gave up ROS, not only for it being very frustrating with its ability to turn text into garbage if you miss the initial exchange, but mainly for the lids that use it.
No discipline, no thought for others, no patience, just transmit over others and they be damned.

Our Daniel is just another cult member, and as such, should be excused for mirroring the personality of his dear leader.

With intervention and de-programming I am sure he will recover sufficiently to regain some manners.

Unknown said...

Quote: Theodore

Our Daniel is just another cult member, and as such, should be excused for mirroring the personality of his dear leader.

With intervention and de-programming I am sure he will recover sufficiently to regain some manners.

More assumptions that are wrong. You assume I use ROS - I do not. I use the most appropriate mode for the conditions, usually BPSK31. You assume I'm a cultist. I am not. I am a scientific person. You assume I have no manners. I have some, at least i hope. You assume you know the personality of the author of ROS. You do not. You assume the people that use ROS are lids. You are wrong. You assume I have no discipline. You are wrong. You assume I have no thought for others - a lack of empathy. You are wrong - why not attempt to use your capabilities of empathy as a member of the human race in directions you normally don't bother. You assume I am a destructive member of the ham community. I am not, and can prove it should it be necessary.

I suggest you examine your own programming.

ChCollins said...


Don't Stop!!!! I enjoy reading your postings several times a week. I am a casual QRPer, and you make plenty of sense to me.

Thank you for your thoughtful contributions to the hobby.

Chip, WD4DFY

IW1AYD said...

Hello Julian!
Don't even think to close the shop!
There are a lot of "friends and customers" that needs to have a watchpoints clever as it is yours.
Let me say not to act on the wave. More should be written but there isn't really the needs as you already know the answers. In any case any words wouldn't be enough, I would just to say: "Please stay here with us".

CUL, 73 de iw1ayd Salvatore "Salvo" Irato

PS = No words at all for ROS as I watched some ROS operators making intentional QRM, without callsigns, atop of SARTG contester. Shame on those! ROS doesn't seems the house for ethic and ham spirit. Even if there could be something of tech that, anyway, I am not able to recognize it. That's after using WSJT and WSPR modes for years.