Friday, August 06, 2010

The most valuable ham homepage?

Dan, KB6NU, often claims that he has the #1 ham radio blog because it tops the Google search results for "ham radio blog". Today he posted a review of the top ham radio blogs according to Google. I was disappointed to find that mine wasn't even mentioned.

I ran the search myself and found that Dan's blog came third, while G4ILO's Shack came right after it. I guess Dan didn't mention it because the result wasn't a blog. Curiously, my actual blog doesn't appear as a search result in its own right at all, at least I hadn't seen it by the time I got bored paging through the results. Google moves in mysterious ways. I wish I understood it, especially as my entire living depends on the fact that I own a website that ranks #1 for several quite profitable key phrases. The fact that this is completely out of my control gives me sleepless nights sometimes.

While I was trying various searches to see if my blog appeared I stumbled across a site called Biznut, which values G4ILO's Shack at £23,517.27 - considerably more than the value of the contents of my actual shack! I don't know how Biznut comes to that conclusion, but if anyone wants to pay me that they are welcome to the site. I'll even knock off the £17.27!
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