Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Is it just my computer, or has Jeff KE9V's blog site gone QRT? His last posting in the Blogger "Reading List" feed was to do with the controversy over the Ground Zero mosque, but when I click through the page has gone, as has his entire site except for one placeholder page. I don't know what Jeff had to say on the subject or whether it had anything to do with his site now being down.


Jay Dighsx said...

My phone grabbed the post before the his site went down. I wouldn't say it was any thing too radical. I know he has been having some hosting problems over the last few months.

I guess we just have to assume that ever thing is fine until we hear otherwise. I did send him an email this morning asking if he needed us to go rescue him. Maybe we should start a sign up list in case we need to make a road trip. (I wonder how many APRS beacons you can have running in one car?)

I'll let ya know if I hear anything back.


techie said...

His site is active, but doesn't have any contest up yet. It appears that he may have changed providers, and has not yet migrated the content yet.


David, K2DBK said...

Has anyone heard anything from him? I also sent a note earlier this week but haven't heard back from him.

David, K2DBK