Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garden party

Olga is having a little party on Sunday afternoon to show off her garden to a few friends and neighbours. So there will not be much time for radio this weekend as I will need to be on hand to help tidy things up, fetch anything she suddenly finds she needs whilst preparing, and finally the hard part - drinking wine and being sociable! But I thought you might appreciate seeing some pictures of the garden taken a few days ago.

The photos don't give much of an idea of scale, but the garden is tiny. It is about 20 feet from the back of the conservatory to the thick, high hedge at the bottom of the garden, and about 30 feet from one neighbour's fence to the other. The lack of space, and the desire not to spoil Olga's floral wonderland, are just two of the reasons why I think attic antennas are the best option in the circumstances.


Paul said...

Hi Julian, looks very neat and beautiful. I'll have to wait until my daughter moves out before I can place antenna's in the attic. ;-) But she is 12 years now, so I must be patience. (She can stay as long as she likes. ;-) Have a nice weekend. 73 Paul PAØPSY

VE9KK said...

Hi Julian, The gardens look amazing lots of time, work but most of all passion were invested in these gardens. Have a nice afternoon of sipping and snacking.

Larry W2LJ said...


Beautiful garden! I hope you and Olga have a great time.

73 de Larry W2LJ

Jay Dighsx said...

You know what would look nice in the middle of that garden is a big flag pole. hehe wink wink.

Give Olga my complements on a fine looking garden. It's nice to see another fan of the raised box method.

Have you ever tried running a wire along that fence. I did that at our old house and it worked fairly well and was pretty easy to hide.

Steve Silverman said...


Please let Olga know that she is a real artist. What a perfect place for an afternoon party. BTW, would a patriotic flag pole vertical have a place somewhere in this garden? The US Congress passed a law allowing anyone to "fly the flag" on their property. Some flag pole have other purposes. 73 Steve KB3SII

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments and compliments to Olga.

Steve, I have seen this suggestion to use a flagpole as a stealth antenna so many times. In the UK there is no such law allowing anyone to erect a flagpole. Besides, such an overt display of patriotism would be regarded as extremely odd over here. Cultural differences, I guess.

Dick said...

That really is a beautiful garden. My YL has recently purchased a home with a garden not much larger than your own. I will show her your photos for future reference.

There is something to the use of a wire along the fence. Go to You-Tube and look up "QRP 40 meter CW NVIS"

He is running QRP with such an antenna.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Julian, very nice flowers in the garden. Although it is small I think you both enjoy the colours.

At my previous QTH I used a fence antenna for while I was amazed by the DX results. Could be a invisible option...

73, Bas