Wednesday, June 09, 2010

PLT DX Contest

For someone as plagued with HF band interference as me this sounds like a sick joke or an April 1 spoof that passed it's read-by date. The Electromagnetic Compatibility Industry Association (bet you didn't even know there was one) has announced a contest to see who can detect interference furthest from a power line adapter installation. Yes, really. There are two prizes: the Long Distance Award (LDX) for the person who detects interference the greatest distance from the installation, and the Most Typical prize (MTY) for the entrant whose detection distance is closest to the median value.

Well I suppose when interference blots out HF entirely we need to use our radios for something. I believe a CQ WW Wi-Fi contest in the offing. You collect SSIDs for multipliers. Double points if the network is unencrypted.
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