Monday, June 28, 2010

BBC to investigate interference complaints

Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulatory authority, has announced that it will pass the responsibility for investigating reports of interference to TV and radio services to the BBC from July 1st. On that date, members of the public experiencing interference to radio or TV should lodge a complaint with the BBC using a web form, which may advise them of issues such as a local transmitter fault.

Some UK amateurs have expressed concern about the possible effect of this change, but I don't consider it likely to make much difference. As far as I can see, Ofcom will still be responsible for issues of interference to amateur radio such as that caused by PLT devices. These days, TVI and BCI are fairly infrequently experienced and almost always caused by a poor or faulty antenna installation or receiving equipment. Putting the BBC in charge of investigating complaints of interference to its own services makes a lot of sense.

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