Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Undecodable mode alert

If you're operating the PSK digimode on the weekend of 18th-19th September and suddenly find your screen full of PSK63 signals that you can't decode, don't be worried that there is something wrong with your radio or your computer. You are hearing the 7th CIS DX QPSK63 Contest 2010. Yes, it's QPSK63, that mode you've seen on your menu and never been able to get a reply to when you tried it. If you were ever frustrated by this, now's your chance to get satisfaction!

Starting at 1200UTC on the Saturday and continuing until 1200UTC the following day, the object is to make as many contacts as possible using QPSK63 (and only QPSK63) between stations in the Commonwealth of Independent States (known to many of us as the Former Soviet Union) and stations who are somewhere else. For more information see the contest website.

If you prefer SSB to digimodes, look for the upcoming 1st DX Esperanto Contest. It's a contest for phone operators, where all the contacts must be made using Esperanto.
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