Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian tracker

This morning a small package arrived from India. It is a FoxTrak-M APRS Tracker Module kit from Fox Delta.

Fox Delta has an interesting range of kits for anyone interested in APRS, packet radio, digital modes or EchoLink. They are all extremely good value - the website suggests that they are sold on a non-profit basis. A couple of weeks ago I asked about one of these kits in a forum somewhere and an American ham complained that the parts were of poor quality, the instructions were poor and it took a long time to come from India. I think that is just the biased nonsense one sometimes hears from US hams about anything from India or China. The PCB is screen printed and looks fine, all the components are standard components and have been packed into individual small polythene bags for each value, and it took a week to arrive which is a lot faster than anything coming from the US via the postal service. It's true you don't get Elecraft style step by step building instructions, but it really isn't rocket science to work out which part goes where on the circuit board.

Hopefully this module will form a stand-alone GPS tracker that I can use with my other VHF radios. However, before I get started on it I have to finish my DIY SignaLink USB project.

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VE9KK said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment in the G4ILO shack.