Friday, May 21, 2010

Ten Tec HB-1A

From John Harper AE5X's blog I have discovered that Ten Tec will be re-branding the Chinese HB-1A QRP CW transceiver. The Ten Tec versions aren't exactly the same - they will be selling two versions, one covering 40 and 30 metres and one covering 30 and 20 metres whereas the original covers 40, 30 and 20. This may have something to do with meeting FCC spurious emissions specifications.

As it happens, my HB-1A is on eBay at this very moment. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just that it doesn't do anything that my FT-817 can't do and I've spent quite a lot on new radios recently so it seems right to dispose of some of the ones that aren't being used.

But its performance wasn't exactly spectacular. It's a bit sad to see the company that made and discontinued the Argonaut 516 HF QRP rig and matching 526 6'n'2 metre rig offering such a basic radio as its only QRP product.

I'd love a Ten Tec 516 / 526 pair, so if anyone has one in mint condition that they'd like to sell or trade for an Elecraft K3/100 drop me an email.

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NormfromAZ said...

Ten Tec is offering those units covering 20/40 and 30/40. Right now they're out of stock and the price here in the US is $249.00. Looks interesting. Especially for those of us who aren't to thrilled to "build" gear.