Thursday, May 06, 2010

More eBay purchase woes

I'm not paranoid, but I think everyone is out to get me!

I ordered some connectors from eBay seller m0jpm and, because I have been thinking about getting a radio that has N type connectors on it, I decided to order a couple of BNC to N-type adapters so I could use the much easier to obtain BNC plugs on my antenna cables. The listing I ordered from is shown below.

The package arrived this morning and when I opened it, to my dismay I found that the adapters were the reverse of what I wanted. As you can see, they are for attaching N-type plugs to BNC sockets.

It has sometimes happened that I ordered the wrong thing by mistake, so I was relieved when I checked the eBay listing and saw that this time it was the seller's mistake not mine. But my relief turned to anger when I emailed the seller to inform him of the error and received the reply: Dear g4ilo, Hi we have send you what you have ordered, as this is the only n-type to bnc we have listed. but if you not happy send it back for a refund.

Is it really necessary to insult my intelligence by telling me "we have send (sic) you what you have ordered"? I will send the adapters back for a refund (and no doubt be out of pocket for the postage) because they are no use to me. But I shan't be buying anything from m0jpm again.

In a comment to my previous post Ricardo CT2GQV said that I should give up buying on the Internet. I wish I could, but if I did I would have to give up the hobby because it is not possible to buy radio stuff round here.


NormfromAZ said...

Here in the Phoenix area it's the same story, there is only one "Ham" store...and it's on the other side of town. Even with the freeway, it's almost an hour to get there. I guess that's better than waiting a week to order something from the Internet.

Theodore said...

Just visited his ebay page and it still has the same picture, and it says this item has 100 percent positive rating! I guess you don't count Julian. I notice his ham radio website is currently off the air. What have you done? He also sells car parts, so that may explain a lot.
Good luck, 73s