Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poor show, Radioworld

How's this for poor service? I ordered a 2m 5/8 vertical online from Radioworld on Wednesday May 5th. That afternoon I received an email updating the order status to "Despatched." I paid £10.00 for next day courier. We have ensured that someone has been in all the time every day since then and no-one has tried to deliver an antenna.

I sent an email at lunchtime asking why I hadn't received it yet. As of now, I have had no reply. Why is buying ham radio equipment always such a hassle?


NormfromAZ said...

The metro Phoenix area has one store that features Ham gear. It however is on the other side of town, almost an hour away. I have to tell you, I am considering using the internet when I reach the time when I order equipment. I have actually with other broadcast equipment found that I had better luck dealing on the internet than buying here in the Phoenix area. Hope the same is true with Ham gear.

Adam said...

Hello Julian,

My experience with RadioWorld was pretty unexceptional: many unanswered emails, gruff-sounding technical support on the phone, nothing to write home about. I am starting to come to the conclusion that every time you part with your hard-saved cash online you risk losing it. But you have to go on as its the only way to get unusual and much wanted products.

It has now been a week since Hames electronic promised me my refund: I expect I shall receive it on the very last day possible. That's mature isn't it.

Sorry for your bad experience. But us hams remember blog posts like yours and if RadioWorld appears as a choice for us in the future, they will ultimately lose out as we will go elsewhere.

73 Adam