Saturday, May 15, 2010

More ash disruption - hams stranded

British and European hams who are in the US to visit the Dayton Hamfest may find it a bit tricky to get back next week. Changing weather conditions are likely to cause ash clouds from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to return to the UK. The Department of Transport is predicting that UK airspace - including the busiest airports in the south east of the country - may be closed from Sunday until Tuesday. Travellers are advised to check with their airlines before setting off for the airport.


Theodore said...

Well at least all the global warming apparatchiks can take some solace. This volcano should cool down the earth somewhat by blocking some sunlight. Tie that together with the weak solar maximum and the attendant cooling and soon the planes will need sleds instead of tyres to land.
I always have to laugh at how events end up the opposite to what the "intellectuals" ordain.
Just like the bullet which gets you is the one you don't hear, the catastrophe which will get us is the one we don't expect.
The moral is, don't worry, enjoy life as it's dealt out.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

I am afraid my XYL have to cancel the trip / flight to Ireland. Wind forecast is NW till Thursday. 73 Paul