Sunday, September 20, 2009

One bright spot

This has not been a good day from a radio point of view as I received yet more condescension and personal attacks for daring to suggest on the Elecraft Reflector that the K3 could do with some improvement in certain areas. In fact I have decided that enough is enough. This is supposed to be a hobby and I don't need this kind of aggravation. As soon as I have determined what is a fair price I'm putting the K3 up for sale and then, as they say, "I'm outta there!"

But there has been one bright spot. I won something on eBay! Specifically, I won a lot of 10 Aladdin coil formers. These are practically unobtainable now, but they are used in many older QRP projects including some of the ones on Roger G3XBM's website. So now I will have no excuse for not trying to build some of them!

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Larry W2LJ said...

I am a satisfied K1 and K2 owner; but dropped from the Elecraft e-mail reflector over a year ago and don't miss is for a bit! I made the mistake of making a "tongue in cheek" comment that did not go over well with the list "powers that be" and was publicly castigated for it. I guess the sarcasm I used wasn't evident to everyone and I was publicly humiliated for a statement that was made as a jest only. Some people do need to get a life and there ARE too many sycophants there, anyway.