Sunday, September 20, 2009

Narrow minds

Against my better judgement I got drawn into defending some of the criticisms of the Elecraft K3 made in my previous blog posting and on eHam. Needless to say this caused the predictable howls of anger from the Elecraft fan club. A couple of people suggested that if I didn't like the way a feature worked I should have sold the K3 (or not have bought it in the first place.) Others who to the best of my knowledge only use SSB or CW claimed that since the K3 was perfect for them there could not be anything wrong with it.

My suggestion that those who never operated digital modes were perhaps not qualified to give an opinion on whether my criticism of the K3's data mode was valid produced this gem of a reply from NZ0T: "I don't use digimodes and if I did I most likely would not have purchased a K3. Frankly if I wanted to pound a keyboard like a computer nerd I wouldn't even be a ham." Very enlightening!

I think someone at Elecraft should review the installation instructions for the crystal filters. It would appear that some users are installing the narrow ones in their minds instead of in the radio.
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