Monday, September 28, 2009

Armchair fellwalking

As I noted in yesterday's post about my walk up Binsey, I didn't take any photos. My wife Olga, who is usually with me whenever I go anywhere interesting, is the keen photographer and owner of the camera. I never think about taking photographs and if I do, my thumb is usually in front of the lens or my shadow is in the picture or some other disaster. Why bother, when other people do it so much better?

It occurred to me that, as I didn't have any photos of where I had been, I could instead link to a page on another site that had pictures of the area. And I found a wonderful site, David Hall Lake District Walks. David seems to have walked every hill in the Lake District many times, and not only has he photographed the views, he also has pictures taken along the route, a map showing the path he took, notes about the walk, time taken and distance travelled.

If you have any interest in walking at all, this is a site to bookmark. You'll probably spend many hours following David's walks from your armchair. If you are planning to visit the area David's site will give you a lot of ideas for walks to do when you come here.

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Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Julian, I like to take photos and have always a camera with me. I do have now also a very small video camera, the Kodak Zx1, HD quality and very easy in use. So I make short movies for my family blog. The site of The Lake District is very nice. Certainly I will plan a holiday to the Lake District or Scotland, maybe next year. 73, Paul PC4T