Thursday, September 24, 2009

K3 not for sale

Email from Wayne N6KR at Elecraft to K3 firmware beta testers: "The following changes are in the works for the *next* release:

- No RX or TX EQ in DATA modes

- When the VFO is being used for repeater channel hopping (among
memories tagged with '*' in their label), PL tone and +/- offsets
will be properly loaded for each channel, allowing transmit
to work correctly."

This is why I won't be selling my K3 just yet, after all.

Does this show that I should have had more faith, or that being a pain in the ass gets results eventually? I'm sure you'll tell me.

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Pete said...

Hello from Pete W6LAW
I enjoy all of your blog entries.
I have great faith in Wayne and all the others.
I have gotten to know them allover the years. I think we have more hope with them than all of the others.
I have an Orion 1 and I feel it will never ever be up to the K3 (and lots more money there).
Have faith, they will prevail.
I put it on my BMW K1200LT and do code with a straight key on the handlebars (highway only).