Monday, July 13, 2009

Commenting fixed

Thanks to a helpful reply from someone in the Blogger help forum, it should now be possible to post comments to the blog again. I have changed the comments settings so that comments are now posted in a pop-up window. The problem occurred because I had chosen the option for comments to be embedded in the blog page. The height of the embedded comment window was restricted and preventing some users from seeing all of the comment form. This problem has only recently started occurring, so it's presumably a bug in Blogger, but the workaround is better than waiting for them to fix it.


Anonymous said...

It sure does work! And I think it is much better too!

73 de André, M0JEK

Jspiker said...

Hello Julian,

I also had a problem posting about the QRT entry. I concerns me deeply that it's becoming more and more difficult to operate with indoor antenna's.

Electrical noise is a serious problem operating in a city environment. If the internet is allowed to operate 'broadband' over the phone lines, it's going to be the 'nail in the coffin' for indoor operators.

I wish you the best in overcoming this problem.

John N8ZYA

Unknown said...

I think broadband over power lines is one of the lesser problems here. The main trouble is caused by poor suppression of switched mode power supplies and other devices. Although EC standards are supposed to apply, there is next to no enforcement in the UK. Equipment manufacturers can certify themselves, and the relevant body to pursue non-compliance issues lacks both the expertise and the staff to do so.

The next problem will be the increasing use of house wiring to convey other things than AC power. We have already had a major battle with HomePlug home networking devices. But new things are coming out all the time, like gadgets that will let you switch things on and off via the internet.

The increasing use of such devices has resulted in an slow, exorable increase in ambient noise levels. Those who can have outside antennas may be able to get them far enough away from wiring to continue to operate. For those of us who can't do that, I think the writing is definitely on the wall.