Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Does anyone think that the Cormac Propadex, which I have incorporated in the navigation pane of my home page, and included below to save you the bother of looking, is anything other than eye candy?

According to the page you go to if you click on the Propadex image, the index is supposed to show if the F2 maximum useable frequency for this time of day is higher than the average of the past 60 days for this same time of day.

That looks as if it could be useful. The problem is that it uses ionosonde data from the U.S. Air Force Radio Solar Telescope Network (RSTN) site in San Vito, Italy. I've kept an eye on this index over the past couple of months and it seems to show wildly fluctuating readings that I have a hunch (not having done any detailed investigation) are influenced by the presence or otherwise of Sporadic-E in that region. I have not noticed very much correlation with observed normal HF conditions. Right now, as I'm typing, it's showing an index of +205, yet conditions are still dire from the recent solar disturbance.

It seems to me that this index is of very little use unless your signal path passes over or near San Vito, Italy. Am I missing something?

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