Friday, July 03, 2009

So near, and yet so far

I was trying to get something to work on the computer when the excellent DX Sherlock VHF propagation warning system alerted me to a Sporadic-E opening on 2m. Sure enough, a good opening was taking place. Many stations in southern England, Wales and southern Ireland were working down into south-eastern Europe, with the signal paths crossing in a solid block somewhere over France.

Sadly, all I could do is watch the opening develop on the map, as not so much of a peep of a signal was heard in my receiver. I don't think it was my limited situation at fault, either. The propagation just did not extend this far north. It seems I just live in the wrong place for VHF activity. 6m was quite busy, with contacts being reported from all over the UK, but once again I decided to pass that over for the chance of making some contacts on 2.

Unfortunately I didn't have any greater success in what I was trying to achieve with the computer either. But I'll leave writing about that for another time.

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