Friday, July 31, 2009

Wonder Loop on 40m

Last night I had a bit of time to try the Wonder Loop on 40m. Again, I used 5W of PSK31 so I could use the Propagation Reporter Network to see where my signals had been received.

Once again, the Propagation Reporter map does not give a full indication of how far my signals travelled, as there were only 10 monitoring stations on 40m at the time and some of them may not even have been in Europe.

My first contact was with Billy, 2E0WJC in Leeds, who was also running QRP. It was a solid contact with almost perfect copy. Later on in the evening I worked Gordon, G4TZX near Dover, for another good chat. I was then called by Frank, DL7LAX in Leipzig. There was some QSB but we managed to complete a contact. Finally I worked Kari OH2LRG/4 who had difficulty believing that I was using an antenna inside the shack. Most stations I have worked using the Wonder Loop are amazed that I am using an indoor antenna and want more details, so I end up having a chat instead of just the usual exchange of details.

I am very pleased with how well the Wonder Loop works on this, the lowest band it covers. For Kari and others, I should be starting work on the description of the Wonder Loop very soon now.


Myles said...

Myles VK6ZRY usinga 1 metre dia magloop, I copy stations from Europe everyday, they use 1 to 5 watts on WSPR, some use 100mW on 17M, all are recieved here.
USA same, 18,000KM 100milliwatts on 30M.
It is indoors height is 40cms above ground.
When summer comes I will use a bigger loop outside.
Hope to spot you on WSPR in Perth, Western Australia.

Unknown said...

Hi Myles. You already did spot me:
2009-07-25 17:08 G4ILO 10.140122 -26 0 IO84hp 2 VK6ZRY OF78wd 14690 87
I was running 2W to the Wonder Loop, too.