Monday, June 15, 2009

Scanning not allowed on 6m

During the last few days I have set up my Elecraft K3 to scan a section of the 2m band either side of the SSB calling frequency so I can be alerted if there is any Sporadic-E. But when I tried to set up scanning on 6m a message scrolls across the K3 display saying "SCANNING NOT ALLOWED ON THIS BAND".

Is this another one of those daft restrictions placed on inhabitants of the "land of the free", like the one that prohibits hams from buying medium-power linear amplifiers that cover 10m because CBers might get hold of them?


David, K2DBK said...

There is certainly no law in the USA that prohibits scanning on 6m. The only restrictions of which I'm aware are that you're not allowed to receive cellular frequencies (all scanners sold in the US have those blocked, as do any other receivers) and there are restrictions in some states on having a scanning in a vehicle. Perhaps someone familiar with the K3 can comment on whether this is some form of technical restriction.

Unknown said...

Hi David. No, it's not a technical restriction. I contacted Elecraft and they have told me how to remove the restriction. However, they also asked me not to pass the information on, because they don't want people doing it in countries where 6m scanning is not allowed. I'd be interested to know what countries those are, though. Google hasn't come up with anything.