Thursday, June 04, 2009

QRP Kits takes a holiday

After my disappointment with the DC20B QRP transceiver kit I was a bit reluctant to order anything else from Hendricks QRP Kits. However, I was looking for an LED based SWR indicator for a QRP magnetic loop project I have been working on, and I found it on the QRP Kits site. So I decided to give them one more try. I'm pleased to report that it arrived in under two weeks.

Construction will be a task for a wet day, and I haven't opened the box yet to see if there are any missing parts. There have been a lot of comments on various reflectors and mailing lists from people who have recently ordered the new Weber Dual Bander kit and found that parts were missing. A note has just appeared on the website saying that the business will be closed until the end of July while Doug and his XYL JoAnne take a well-deserved break following her treatment for breast cancer. I guess Doug was trying to get as many orders out the door as he could before they went. I wish them a happy holiday.

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