Friday, June 19, 2009

eQSL banner exchange has started a banner exchange program. If you have a ham radio website, they will send you one visitor for every visitor you send to their site. You just have to provide them with an advert graphic, such as a 468x60 banner, and tell them what web address (URL) to send the people who click on it.

It's easy to join up. First you must register using the eQSL Advertiser Registration Page. When your registration is complete, eQSL will send you an email containing your ReferralID number. You then visit the eQSL Link Exchange Program page and choose how you are going to refer visitors to their site. You can either display a banner ad - there are several to choose from in various sizes - or show a little form like this, allowing people to check how many eQSLs are waiting for them.

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

It's a great way to help publicize a great service and at the same time attract some visitors to your blog or site.

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