Thursday, June 18, 2009

IT9X beacon

As regular readers of this blog will know, I'm very interested in methods of unattended propagation monitoring. It's always interesting to me to know when there has been propagation over a particular path, even if I wasn't around to take advantage of it and make any contacts.

A month ago I discovered that the 2m beacon GB3VHF transmits using JT65B mode, and after leaving my receiver on all day found that it had been copied on several occasions. I wondered whether there were any other beacons that use this mode.

Well, I have found one more. IT9X is an experimental 6m beacon that operates using CW, JT65B and BPSK31 on 50.057MHz. It is located in JM78re grid square. It is operational 24/7 running 10 watts to a loop antenna. Its carrier is locked to a GPS receiver to give a high degree of accuracy. I am listening for it right now.

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