Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mobile rig for the price of a (Chinese) HT

So cheap you just have to buy one! According to the the listing it's VHF or UHF not dual band. Thanks to Steve G1KQH for the tip-off.


He who shall not be named said...

Looks like it's dual band, I see both UHF and VHF freqs listed in the description. Great find!

-Richard, KK4JDO

Unknown said...

Yep, I missed that. It might mean that there are two (VHF and UHF) versions.

Julian, G4ILO

Mikael - SA6BSS said...

seems to be 2 versions, have a look here it says on the tag 400-470Mhz

PA2RF said... sells the rig as well. With shipping costs appr. $150

g4fre said...

intersting feature list:-

8. Monitor, Stun, Kill and Emergency Alarm