Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spot on

A few days ago a package arrived from the USA. Fellow bloggers Eldon, WA0UWH and Jeff, KO7M sent me a Parallax Propeller board with one of Eldon's TCVCXO modules on it. I'm very grateful to Jeff and Eldon for sending this board as I'm not up to making something like that at the moment and as I found a few weeks ago the oscillator on the Propeller prototyping board is not thermally stable enough for WSPR use.

After a few modifications I installed my WSPR beacon code on to the board and this was the result:

My signal was spot-on frequency and there was zero drift. I let it run for several transmit cycles and there was a change of just 1Hz as the components warmed up. I am more than satisfied with that, so hopefully there will be more progress with the beacon project in due course.

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