Tuesday, May 08, 2012

KX3 on its way?

I opened my mailbox this morning to discover the email that hundreds if not thousands of hams worldwide have been waiting for - a shipping notification from UPS to say that a 5lb package from Elecraft is on its way!

A 5lb package from Elecraft? What could that be? Ah. it must be the KX3 I didn't order.

That's right. Didn't order. I haven't ordered a KX3! I'm not saying I'm never going to, but I am not even going to think about it until such time as orders are fulfilled off the shelf. At the moment I believe that the lead time for an Elecraft KX3 ordered today is about 4 months. These days I just don't plan that far ahead.

I forwarded the email to Elecraft Sales in the hope that they can figure out who this notification should really have gone to and why it came to me. But for a brief moment this morning I thought this was going to be my lucky day!
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