Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I looked at the G4ILO's Shack website this morning and with a sinking heart saw this:

It appeared that my site had been hacked and an image inserted that said KZ.AM/STOP SOPA. (It was bigger than my screen so I couldn't capture all of it.)

Upon further investigation it appears that the site has become defunct and an image from has been replaced by the one shown in the screen grab. So solving the problem turned out to be a simple matter of removing the links to Big sigh of relief!

I don't know whether the hacked image contained any other payload. I wonder how many other ham radio sites are affected?

Because of things like this, running a website is a hassle compared to the blog which is maintained and updated free of charge by the blog host such as Blogger. I'd prefer to just concern myself with the content of the site not the technical aspects.

It may be time to review the future of the website, especially considering that some of the software it contains (such as VOAProp) is gradually being made obsolete by changes to the Windows OS and third-party data files.
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