Saturday, December 12, 2009

People in glass houses

It probably goes without saying that someone who has a blog has opinions they have a burning desire to tell the world about. And if you have opinions, you have to be prepared for people to disagree with you. As a blog owner, you have the right to allow or delete comments. However I have always believed that you should allow the dissenting voices to have their say as well as those that support you. The only comments I have ever deleted from this blog have been ones that appeared to be spam and did not relate to the subject of the posting.

I recently found a rather nicely produced blog called Radio & Other Interests by John Harper AE5X. In a recent post he describes trying PSK31 and feeling insulted that people were sending macros instead of typing a reply especially for him. One person commented to this post that he found the canned replies no more or less insulting than the rubber stamp reports in a contest. I added a comment in the same vein, saying that it wasn't an insult just progress, using the computer to save typing the same information over and over. That comment never appeared on the blog, but computers screw up and I didn't lose sleep over it.

Today I added a comment to John's post about 10 metres being dead for the ARRL contest, saying that I had noted one WSPR spot on the band so far and hoping that people over there had managed to work something. I also wondered why the ARRL scheduled a 10m contest now rather than during the Sporadic-E season. That comment was still "pending moderation" earlier this afternoon, but this evening it too had disappeared without trace. I think deleting comments from people who have taken the trouble to reply after reading your blog is pretty insulting.

In his post about Elecraft K3 demos John uses a clever word (which he doesn't even spell correctly) to denigrate my contributions to the Elecraft email reflector. AE5X may feel he is being insulted when people reply on PSK31 using a macro but that's a bit rich coming from somebody who uses his blog to insult a person he has never even contacted.
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