Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Morse Machine

Due to the fact that will be closing its software downloads site, G4ILO's Shack has become the download page for Morse Machine.

Morse Machine is a Windows version of the Morse Code Teaching Machine designed by Ward Cunningham which was first described in an article in the May 1977 issue of QST. It teaches Morse code using the Koch Method. Right from the start, it sends quickly enough that you have to learn to recognize the sound of each letter. The slowest speed it will send at is 20wpm, so after a few weeks of practise you will be able to receive at that speed.

When I first discovered this program I was extremely impressed, and made huge improvements in my Morse receiving speed. However, the Windows version of the program on the original site is not a true Windows program, and it caused 100% CPU usage while it was running, which made my laptop overheat. That is not a problem with this version (which also runs very well on Linux using wine.)

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