Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More on the Elecraft K3 2m option

More information has been released about the new Elecraft internal two metre transverter that will be shown at Dayton. Elecraft has just posted a PDF data sheet for the K144XV module. The product won't actually be available for a few months, though.

It looks a pretty small board, but it will probably cost more than you would imagine from the picture, as you get a new fan panel with a BNC jack for the 2m antenna, and a replacement KXV3 module is needed to provide the IF output. Probably you need a new side panel as well, since that is what it is attached to. But they've managed to fit it in along with the KXV sub-receiver module.

It's a neat option, but personally I'd have been more interested in a new range of Elecraft's existing transverters, styled to match the K3 (rather than being in K2 gray/green) and with better heat sinking to withstand continuous duty modes like FM. Perhaps next year.

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