Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Internal 144MHz transverter for K3

I just received a beta version of new K3 firmware from Elecraft. Among the list of changes is:
  • CONFIG:XVn ADR now has a new option: Int trn1. This routes transverter I/O to the K144XV, the K3’s new internal 2-m transverter option.
This new option does not appear to be announced anywhere on Elecraft's site yet. I presume that it will be formally announced at Dayton. You read it here first!

I don't think there is enough 2m activity in this neck of the woods to justify my getting one in place of my old cheapo Spectrum Communications transverter, but I'm fascinated to know where in the K3 it will go, and what antenna socket it uses. Perhaps it fits in place of the KXV3 module and the KRX3 sub-receiver?

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